‘Supplying the next generation: smarter solutions for tomorrow’s inflight catering’.


The commercial aviation supply chain is one of the most complex logistical systems in the world. And with in-flight catering currently worth around £12 billion per annum and growing at a rate of 5% per year, it’s also a highly valuable market.

However, despite the strategic importance and global scale of the sector, ‘innovative’ is rarely a word used to describe the equipment used within in-flight catering.

In the first of our new series of ‘Absolute Altitude’ whitepapers, we look at how introducing small advances across multiple areas of galley equipment can deliver significantly improved results to commercial airlines – reducing risk, saving time and limiting costs.

The Whitepaper Explores:

  • The potential of innovative new materials to reduce the weight of galley equipment and help significantly cut aviation fuel costs
  • How more holistic security systems can help reduce the threat of tampering while also improving inventory auditing processes
  • Advances in tracking the location and status of trolleys – as well as collecting asset data remotely – through integrated, smart monitoring systems 
  • The role of more user-centric equipment design in reducing foreign object damage and improving working conditions for airline staff


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