Material innovation

Combining the genius of nature with cutting edge material innovation, FibriRock is a lightweight, fast-curing, heat-resistant composite that has been engineered for optimum performance. Made from organic flax, basalt and Nomex bonded by a sugar-based bio resin the result is a rigid, lightweight, versatile and fast-curing material which is perfect for constructing aircraft cabin trolleys.



FibriRock is a sustainable and organic material which is greener and more temperature resistant than glass. Beyond this, the Furan-based bio resins are produced from waste-sugar meaning they are not competing for field space with food. Not only is FibriRock 100% recyclable, but being so light weight its application on just one aircraft could save hundreds of tonnes of kerosene per year giving it unrivalled green credentials. 

High Performance

Thanks to its construction from FibriRock – the SmartCart from Flightweight combines light weight with industry leading security technology and will allow airlines to save weight and cost whilst using sustainable, bio-sourced technology.


The FibriRock bio-sourced panels enable the Flightweight SmartCart to be the lightest 50kg-rated galley cart to pass the 21G certification. Even though the panels are less than 6mm thick and weigh less than 2300 gsm, they pass the demanding 9g pull tests with flying colours.


Flax and bio resin act as a structural adhesive system between the basalt and the Nomex core.  The use of natural fibre and bio resin as structural adhesive system with the hollow natural fibres holding four times more resin. This delivers a product that excels in the stringent fire, smoke, toxicity and heat release tests required by the aeronautical industry. The heat release figures for the 5.5mm composite FibriRock panels are 15 kWmin/m2 (2 minutes total) and 18 kW/m2 (peak) which are well within the target (65 and 65). The cycle time for the production of the composites panels is 150 seconds, about 15 to 20 times faster than competitive materials.