What We Do

At Flightweight, quality, innovation and friendly service are at the heart of everything we offer. We passionately engineer products for airlines and their service companies that set new standards for the industry by reducing weight, improving security and saving money.

From the outstanding build quality of our products and their reliable high performance to their easy repair, the operational benefits speak for themselves:

Save you money on fuel

Fuel is the single biggest cost of airlines, so why spend any more on it than you need to? For every aircraft in regular service, our lightweight carts could save hundreds of tonnes of kerosene per year.

Combat losses incurred by theft and damage

It is estimated that the annual cost to the airline industry of theft is £30million. When you start to factor in loss incurred by damages and contamination, the sums don’t bear thinking about! With some airlines carrying single items that can be worth £1,000s – you could save huge sums by securing your assets.  

Help you improve security

Aviation is a multi-billion dollar industry that has a keen focus on security, however there is currently a weak link in the procurement chain. Our AirGuard 2™ electronic security system means you will never again need to rely on disposable plastic or rubber seals that are easy to breach.

Ensure reliability

Because our products are reliable, easy to repair and cheap to replace they will reduce operational downtime and significantly reduce costs.

Improve occupational health and safety

Heavy, clunky and badly designed trolleys put your staff at risk of strain or injury meaning they are more likely to need time off work. So why not go with a lightweight option that is ergonomically designed for safety and ease of use?

Quite simply pay for themselves

As if all of the fuel and maintenance cost savings aren’t enough, the projected savings to be made from the costs of procurement, storage security and administrative processes of traditional sealing methods, would hugely offset the purchase or leasing costs of our SmartCart.