SmartCart & SmartCart Duo

Designed to be lightweight and exceptionally strong, SmartCart is a revolutionary airline cart that combines state-of-the-art security with intuitive operation.

SmartCart comes with the revolutionary AirGuard 2™ electronic security system to improve security and reduce instances of theft while also saving valuable cabin kilos compared to traditional airline carts. These features combine to save you time and money.


Advanced electronic locking and RFID card key access available.


Fast, easy repairs for minimum downtime.


Flexible leasing options available on all SmartCart products.

Weight reduction

Five kilos lighter than traditional carts, saving costly fuel.


Record all operations and locations for efficient asset management.


SmartCart offers unparalleled security thanks to the AirGuard 2™ electronic security system. Five digit codes are used to create clone-proof seals every time a cart is accessed with a personal proximity card. The system latches the cart from multiple points, meaning it is secure and helps to reduce instances of theft and tampering. AirGuard 2™ also enables you to trace access via electronic key cards so you run off reports and see exactly when the cart was accessed, by who and when.

Innovation by Design

The SmartCart benefits from a modular, ergonomic construction around a central aluminium frame, meaning panels can be repaired and replaced with ease and at a low cost.

Occupational Safety

The ergonomic design and lightweight construction of the SmartCart reduces unnecessary bending and physical strain for airline staff, meaning they are less at risk of accidents and less likely to require time off work. 

Green Credentials

Because our carts are manufactured from 100% sustainable sources (including electronic equipment through WEE system), they can also help you to reduce wastage and meet CSR targets. SmartCart makes a significant contribution to Carbon Offset calculations thanks to its lightweight design.

Cutting edge manufacturing

All SmartCarts are manufactured by Flightweight’s partner company, Applied Component Technology, at their top-of-the-range, fully-automated 2700 m2 manufacturing site in Wrexham. This optional site can be expanded to provide an additional 6000 m2.