When it comes to aviation – every kilogram counts. This is why single and duo carts from Flightweight are constructed from revolutionary FibriRock composite which is extremely lightweight, highly recyclable and incredibly durable.

As such the robust carts are up to 5kg lighter than traditional models. Better still, they are more reliable and cost-effective to service and replace. Introducing our lightweight trolleys to just one aircraft could save hundreds of tonnes of kerosene per year, helping to generate huge cost savings.

Innovation by Design

Our single and duo carts benefit from a modular, ergonomic construction around a central aluminium frame, meaning panels can be repaired and replaced easily and cost-effectively.

Occupational Safety

The ergonomic design and lightweight construction of the carts reduces unnecessary bending and physical strain for airline staff, meaning they are less at risk of accidents and less likely to require time off work. 

Green Credentials

Because the majority of the components on our carts are recyclable, they can also help you to reduce wastage and meet CSR targets. SmartCart makes a significant contribution to Carbon Offset calculations thanks to its lightweight design.

Savings Calculator

Flightweight cart helps you reduce operating costs through its lightweight design. See how much your fleet could save by using our cost savings calculator below:

Fuel Savings

Kg saving per trolley:  
Savings per plane per annum:  

Total savings:  

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