Incorporating the reduced weight and cutting-edge security of the SmartCart, the DataCart is a unique, industry-first product that automates and streamlines the process of logging and tracking each individual cart against its security seal number.

And that’s just the start. The system which centres around our handheld Datapod™ scanner and intelligent tracking, eliminates human error by eradicating the manual process where staff in busy bonds and dimmed cabins currently have to struggle to read the numbers on badly designed tags.

DataCart is fitted with an on-board computer and printer which records information and prints detailed reports. You can use the DataCart to discover when and where each cart was accessed and who by.


Acting as a mobile data collection centre for carts, DataCart is fitted with an on-board computer and printer for easy, efficient asset data collection and tracking.

Our mobile infrared data scanners allow for easy reporting of the location and contents of individual carts, providing real-time data management support for airlines.

Used in conjunction with information provided from Datapod, Cumulus gives you complete control over every SmartCart and SmartBox in your fleet.