Flightweight was established for the sole purpose of providing the industry with an alternative to the heavier, less reliable and potentially insecure trolley solutions available today.

Our range of intuitive, lightweight carts offer everything from state-of-the-art security and industry-leading security tracking to full customisation for your airline.

Streamline on-board operations and reduce costs with the lightweight and intelligent SmartCart.

Our single and double lightweight carts can help you reduce costs both in the air and on the ground.

Used for the mobile storage of food, beverages and condiments within galleys, our SmartBox offers high security in a small form factor. 

A fully mobile PC station that allows the bond operative to scan, download and print documents associated with SmartCart trolleys.

Our handheld, wireless infrared data scanner allows for easy reporting of the location and contents of individual carts, providing real-time data management support for airlines.

Stores all records for instant recall and data management. It can be used to track assets, record cart operators and monitor equipment.