SmartCart lands EASA Certification (STC 10053931)

After a lot of hard work and a lot of time spent honing and perfecting – we are thrilled to announce that our range of secure, lightweight aviation galley carts have been certified airworthy and fit to fly by EASA following extensive testing. (Supplemantal Type Certificate 10053931)

SmartCart, which is the first and only product of its class currently to achieve EASA approval, now has full airworthiness certification to the following standards: ETSO C175, EASA CS25 amendment 15, Airbus technical specification 2520M1FO10200, Airbus directive ABD0031 and FAA Advisory circular AC20-162.

Flightweight chairman Stuart Anderson said: “Flightweight was established for the sole purpose of providing the industry with an alternative to heavy, clunky, insecure and badly designed trolleys. As such our reliable carts are intuitive to use and 5kg lighter than traditional models meaning their application on just one aircraft could save hundreds of tonnes of kerosene per year helping to generate huge cost savings.

“Beyond the headline cost savings, it is estimated that the airline industry loses £30million each year to theft – and this figure doesn’t even account for damage. Our carts tackle this problem by using an innovative locking system that removes the need for insecure plastic seals while using intelligent technology to track every instance of opening. We are thrilled that the quality design and engineering of SmartCart has been acknowledged by EASA and look forward to seeing the carts improving safety in the air.”