Security: signed, sealed and delivered.

Partnering with security technology specialist Security Seal Technology, Flightweight’s revolutionary aviation locks and seals can be retrofitted onto existing carts, giving you the flexibility you need to bolster security without renewing all of your trolleys.

Airguard 2™

Security: Signed, sealed and delivered.

The AirGuard 2™ electronic security system creates five digit codes that are used to activate a clone-proof seal every time a cart is accessed with a personal proximity card. The system latches the cart from multiple points, meaning it is secure and helps to reduce instances of theft. AirGuard 2™ also enables you to trace access via electronic key cards so you run off reports and see exactly when the cart was accessed and who by. The unit can be retrofitted onto any existing model of cabin trolley you have in service.



Datapod™, our mobile infrared data scanner allows for easy reporting of the location and contents of individual carts, providing real-time data management support for airlines.


Acting as a mobile data collection centre for carts, DataCart is fitted with an on-board computer and printer for easy, efficient asset data collection and tracking.


Cumulus stores all records for instant recall and data management. It can be used to track assets, record cart operators and monitor equipment.