About Us

Founded in 2013, Flightweight which is part of the WRASP Group, specialises in lightweight trolleys and cutting edge security solutions for the aviation industry.

Alone in innovation and expertise, Flightweight is committed to reducing weight, improving security and helping airlines and aviation service companies to increase profitability with its range of intuitive products that offer a compelling list of benefits.

Every Flightweight product and device is built and tested according to the standards required by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Wrasp Group

The WRASP (weight reduction and security products) Group was formed following a Private equity acquisition of Cobra Automotive and alignment with ASD Holdings. Using a unique combination of next generation security technology and lightweight materials, we supply the transport sector with solutions for the secure movement of stock globally, at a significantly reduced weight and cost.


Accreditations and Sanctions


SmartCart has passed all required EASA testing.